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Automation solutions to enhance functionality

Storfast manufactures a complete line of warehouse automation solutions. Our products are sold as complete systems for full integration into warehouse operations or they can be sold individually to enhance functionality at existing sites.


Storfast Aisle Shuttle (AS) / Row Shuttle (RS)

Storfast AS/RS is an innovative cart-based solution that offers high density and increased throughout. The system is comprised of powered carts that automatically and quickly move pallets in and out of storage positions in the warehouse. With the ability to accommodate unlimited layers, each layer of rack is serviced by one cart, ensuring both redundancy and higher throughput versus more traditional systems like cranes.

Unlike crane systems, Storfast AS/RS has unlimited configuration flexibility, providing easy integration into existing facilities or new construction. It’s ultrahigh density storage capacity allows for variance in building layout, design and volume, providing greater storage capacity and flexibility with brownfield sites.

Storfast AS/RS is built with standard industrial components, improving parts availability, reducing costs and simplifying repairs. Its unique design allows pallets to rest on the cart platform, eliminating handling complications from broken boards, wrap tails, etc.

Storfast AS/RS Benefits:

  • Higher throughputs and greater flexibility
  • Maximum storage capacity in smallest footprint
  • Minimal facility modification required, ideal for integration into new or existing warehouses
  • Modular design allows for expansion as capacity requirements and SKUs increase

Transport System

Storfast’s Transport System moves pallets throughout the different phases of warehouse operations from the initial production area to the final staging for transport. Manufactured with simple, high quality parts, the system provides:

  • Precise movement, including customized turns
  • Optimal leveling to ensure smooth transport
  • Specialized components to minimize pallet damage
  • Customizable designs to suit individualized warehouse operations
Computer controls

Management and Control System

Storfast’s management and control system utilizes the latest technology to integrate a customer’s warehouse management system (WMS) and ERP systems to optimize warehouse efficiency.

  • Single contact point for automated warehouse controls
  • Real-time data collection and query solutions
  • Real-time status and user input
  • Carton tracking and auditing
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